Celebration Lunch with Your Loved One
Please use the sign-up form below to select ONE DATE from the drop down menu that you will share lunch in the cafeteria with your loved one. You will fill out the form separately for each child. Only 2 adults are allowed per student. You must sign up 1-week prior to your visit and only days when school is in session are listed. Lunch hours are Kindergarten: 11:20-11:40, 1st grade: 12:10-12:30, 2nd grade: 12:10-12:30, 3rd grade: 11:40-12:00, 4th grade: 11:40-12:00, 5th grade: 12:30-12:50. You will only join your student for lunch, they will go to recess on their own. You may bring in food, but nothing can be shared with students other than your own. Please do not take any photographs. Please check in with the office when you arrive. You will sit with your child's class at the cafeteria table.
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