The Problem of Higher Education Fees
Tuition fees for Higher Education are rapidly increasing. Many people are asking if formal education is worth the cost and subsequent debt and are looking elsewhere for their education.
What causes the problem? *
To answer this question well, channel your inner four-year-old and ask a 5-question "why" chain: "Why is there a problem?" "Why is that the cause?" "Why is that the cause of the cause?" and so on.
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Think about the people with the problem. What are they currently doing, or willing to do, to solve it? *
If this is you, what are you doing? If it's not you, what do you think people with this problem can do?
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What are all the current solutions to the problem? *
Think about the ways people are meeting the cost of Higher Education.
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Why aren't the current solutions good enough? *
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How long has it been a problem? *
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How easily could something change to make the problem go away? *
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