Street Medic Training Spring 2019
About the Training

No previous Street Medic Training or experience is required to attend.
Registration Deadline: May 1

Class Details:
All hood herbalism classes are for and by people of color.
Time: 11am-7pm
Date: June 29 with 3 mandatory study sessions before the training to go over curriculum. Dates for study sessions will be picked collectively by participants once the registration is complete.
Location: Alhambra, CA
Lunch and Dinner will be provided
*Acceptance is on a rolling basis until class is filled. We will review it and you will be contacted by the end of April. Once you are accepted, everything else will be communicated via e-mail.

Street Medic Security & Safety Session:
This is helpful for folks who have never been to an action or deployed at protests/marches/other direct actions. We will be going over developing situational awareness, street medic history, tactics, and political philosophies.

Emergency Responder Treatments: During this section we will cover basic anatomy and physiology of the body in the context of medical and traumatic emergencies. We will build on that knowledge as we cover appropriate treatments and interventions for different scenarios.

Herbal First Aid : We will explore easy and effective ways of including herbs in your medic kits. This portion is beginner friendly for those that may have never explored the use of herbs for healing first aid needs. We will also explore trauma informed consent and prepare herbal first aid medicine during our hands on portion to add into your medic kits.

Itinerary the day of the Training
11:30-12:30 (pt1:Street Med Security & Safety)
1-2(pt2:Street Med Security, & Safety)
2:10-3:10(pt1:Emergency Responder Treatments)
3:20-4:20(pt2:Emergency Responder Treatments)
4:30-5:30(pt1: Herbal First Aid)
6-7(pt2:Herbal First Aid)

About the Facilitators:
Frontline Medics is an autonomous network of vouched and trusted individuals with different backgrounds in medic + healing work, led by womxn and femmes of color. The underlying motivation of our work is to decentralize medical knowledge, focusing on communities that do not have access to and who historically have been subject to discrimination and dehumanization by the medical industrial complex. We formed several years ago after our firsthand experiences in dealing with police brutality and disaster situations, and after seeing the vacuum that exists of womxn and femmes of color with an anti-colonial political analysis who are trained to respond to medical emergencies. You can see documentation of our work on our Instagram account, from volunteering as street medics during community rallies/protests, to organizing mutual aid responses during the wildfires that have been ravaging the coast, and most recently training asylum seekers at the border to deal with tear gas decontamination.

For more information, please visit:
IG & FB handle @FrontlineMedics

About Hood Herbalism:
Hood Herbalism is a community based herbal education project for people of color based out of Lynwood, CA. It is a space where people learn useful herbal medicine making skills that can help support their health and the health of those around them. Our space also supports people in connecting with their own ancestral healing traditions related to plants and herbal medicine. Beyond the classes, Hood Herbalism is contribution to a growing movement of decolonizing body, mind, and spirit that is centering plant knowledge while having the wellness of our communities in mind.

For more information, please visit:

Class Offering:
The 8 hour training energy exchange is $200 sliding scale. The money goes to paying 3 facilitators from Frontline Medics for their time and travel to us, it covers the curriculum with the 3 study sessions, the community space we will be learning out of, food during the training (Lunch & Dinner will be provided by Marlene from Cocina Marakurhini), and supplies.

Important Dates:
Registration Deadline May 1.
1st payment $100 due May 15
2nd Payment of $100 due June 15

Now that we got the logistical info covered, we are really interested in knowing more about you, why you want to join the training, and what you hope to get out of it. Please make time to answer the questions thoughtfully.

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