Miter Saw Safety
Must pass test with 100% accuracy to becom Miter Saw Certified
Name *
First, Last
Always wear safety glasses when using the miter saw *
Wait for the blade to stop before raising the saw back up and removing the work piece *
Keep your fingers at least 4 inches from the blade at all times. *
Never "cross" your arms to hold a workpiece. - Right hand on trigger, left hand holding work piece on left side and vice versa. *
Allow saw to get up to full speed before beginning cut. *
Hold the workpiece down firmly and back up against fence while cutting *
Keep all guards in place, never attempt to 'bypass' a guard *
keep the work area around saw clean *
Hold on the handle tightly and maintain control of the saw head and carriage. *
Use care and common sense when using the saw. *
Use care and common sense when using the saw. *
The Miter Saw is only for cross cutting material *
Cut the material at a slow, but steady pace *
Check the materials that can be cut with the miter saw *
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