2020 Virtual Burlesque Hall of Fame (VHoF) Showcase Application
Message from the VHoF Production Team...

We want to start by clearly stating that VHoF is not only supportive of, but we are genuinely excited, to see the community questioning the constructs that have existed in this industry for so long.

VHoF recognizes that BHoF has influenced those constructs over the years, whether intentionally or not. While we appreciate the respect that comes with being influential, we also realize it is not right for any one person or entity to have that much power, perceived or not.

We want to join in the movement to tear down the conceptions and ideas of “what burlesque is”. We want to help rebuild what burlesque should, could and will be. We'd like to see the community rebuild from their viewpoint and we will provide a platform to lift up those results and highlight the community’s vision.

To that end, we hope to curate a series of showcases that truly represent the burlesque that YOU want to see. We hope you will consider applying not because you want to share what VHoF thinks burlesque is, but because you want to share what YOU think burlesque is.

While we don’t have enough bandwidth, both literally and figuratively, to put everyone on stage, we assure you the process by which one is selected for the VHoF stage will be an inclusive one with representation from the POC, and particularly BIPOC community.

Our team is committed to curating a lineup that represents ALL burlesque, more than ever before. Whether that is neo or classic, funny or serious, political or fun. Judgments based on gender, race, melanation, body shape, disability, age and all the other ways humans wrongly judge each other have no place here. We will strive to make sure that is evident in our selection.

If this speaks to you, let's work together to shift the needle in burlesque and create a more welcoming, more inclusive burlesque that lives up to the ideals we profess.

YOU are burlesque. We will be honored if you give us the opportunity to present you.

Hugs and glitter,

The VHoF Production Team
Desiré, Joyce, Kitty, Jonny, and Arabella
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