Josh Griffin Youth Ministry Speaking Request Form
We're thrilled to partner with you on your upcoming youth ministry event!

Josh is a nationally-known, high-energy speaker who connects with volunteers, students and staff in churches, non-profits, camps and conferences. With 25+ years of youth ministry experience, most recently as the High School Pastor at Saddleback Church, he will encourage everyone in attendance at your event with his teaching and contagious personality. Please fill out this form below completely, and we'll be in touch within just a few days with next steps.


2018 = 101,042 flight miles
2019 = 116,982 flight miles
2020 = 37,722 flight miles [thanks, COVID]
2021: 85% booked, very limited availability, as lots of events from 2020 moved to 2021
2022: 50% booked

-- Josh departs from SNA (John Wayne/Orange County, CA) and only uses United Airlines & Hertz. We promise you he's not a total diva - but loyalty on travel brands makes the road grind a little easier.
-- Josh is off the charts relational - not just a main stage or workshop speaker. He'll work the room, love everyone and make sure every possible question gets answered. So much of what he brings to the table doesn't just happen on stage!
-- Josh speaks at a wide variety of events and is currently booking Youth Worker Training Events, National Conferences, Summer Camps, Parent Trainings, Winter Retreats, Student Conferences, DNOWs & more!
-- Josh is on staff as the Junior High Pastor at Mariners Church and typically needs to be back for Sunday morning services w/some sxceptions. His church and family are top priorities.

Fill out the request below as completely as possible to get the conversation started! Josh typically replies in 1-2 days and if he can't do your event has a recommended list of 5-6 others that may work for your event.
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