UTokyo English Academia 3 テストユーザー募集!! / Part-Time Job Offer Related to the User Testing of an Online Education Program Titled “UTokyo English Academia”
*English follows Japanese.

東京大学大学総合教育研究センターが運営する、UTokyo English Academiaのオンラインコース開発をお手伝いしてくださる東大生を募集しています。

・作業日と作業時間: 8月下旬〜9月上旬の平日、10:00〜18:00の間で複数日、合計11時間程度
・作業内容:UTokyo English Academiaの新規オンラインコース(詳細は次項目)を実際に受講して(課題含む)、わかりにくい文章や誤字脱字など、修正や改善をしたほうがよいと思う点を記入していただきます。






 UTokyo English Academia 事務局


“UTokyo English Academia” is an online education course operated by the Center for Research and Development of Higher Education, the University of Tokyo.
We are recruiting students from the University of Tokyo who are interested in engaging with the development of this online program.
Please read the following guidelines carefully for details of the application process.

[Application Guidelines]
- Working hours and period: Approximately 11 hours in total on weekdays (10:00–18:00) between late August and early September.
- Address: Office located on Hongo Campus
- Reward: 1,000 yen per hour
*The above reward is calculated from 8,000 yen per day (=8 hours) as prescribed by the University of Tokyo’s regulations.
- Number of positions: A few
- Responsibilities: Identifying points to improve or correct such as confusing sentences and typographical errors by watching the newly developed online course of UTokyo English Academia (as described in the next item) and working on the assignments.
- Required belongings: Please bring your PC which enables Wi-Fi connection. Other required belongings related to the administrative procedure will be notified individually.

[Outline of the Newly Developed Online Course]
- This course is for learning the present situation and issues related to teaching academic subjects in English at universities.
- Language: Lecture movies, instructional materials, and assignments are offered in English.
- The required time for learning each module is estimated to be 30 minutes. There are 10 modules in total.
- Each module contains one or two 10-minute lecture movie(s).
- There are quizzes at the end of each module. The final assignment is writing an essay. Test users are required to work on all assignments including quizzes and essay writing.

[Required Qualifications]
- Enrolled at the University of Tokyo as an undergraduate or graduate student of any discipline
- Competence in the basic use of PCs such as entering characters and manipulating browsers
- Ability to take an online course provided in English.

[How to Apply]
Please fill in the following application form.

[Closing Date]
Friday, August 23, 2019
*Registrations will be closed once the quota for the number of applicants has been achieved.

[Notification of Results]
Applicants who are hired will be notified via e-mail by Tuesday, August 27.

[Address for Inquiry]
UTokyo English Academia,
Center for Research and Development of Higher Education,
The University of Tokyo
*Replace [at] with @.

*We will use personal information such as name, affiliation, and e-mail address exclusively to contact candidates and for administrative procedures necessary for the processing of applications.

氏名 / Full Name *
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現在の所属(学部)と学年 / Affiliation (Department) and Academic Year *
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メールアドレス / E-mail *
添付ファイルのやり取りを行いますので、パソコンで受信可能なメールアドレスをご記入ください。 / Please enter an e-mail address that enables browsing via personal computers and is equipped to handle messages with attachments.
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連絡先携帯電話番号 / Phone Number *
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英語のスキル / Proficiency in English *
ご自身の英語力について当てはまるものをひとつ選んでください。 / Please tick the box next to the option that most accurately describes your proficiency in English.
参加できる期間や日時の希望があれば教えてください。 / Please inform us of your preferences with regard to the working period or hours.
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通信欄 / Message
その他質問や連絡事項などありましたら自由に記入してください。 / Please feel free to send us your comments, queries, or any other information you would like to convey.
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