2019 Nocturne Audience Survey
Thank you for coming to 2019's Nocturne: Art at Night!

We value your opinion and want to make the festival better year after year, so we would love to know more about your experience at the event. Please fill out the following survey and let us know how we did.

Did you attend Nocturne: Art at Night in 2019?
If you attended, what was your favourite thing about the festival this year?
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How important is it to you that Nocturne continues?
How did you hear about Nocturne?
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Who did you attend Nocturne with?
How do you plan your night at Nocturne?
Choose the method you use the most:
What would you like to see more of during Nocturne?
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Nocturne is laid out in zones, which zones did you visit on the night of Nocturne?
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Halifax Transit provides a free shuttle service during Nocturne. Did you ride the free Nocturne Shuttle?
Did you ride the ferry during Nocturne?
If yes, did you participate in Ferry-Oke?
Nocturne is a 6 hour event, approximately how long did you spend at Nocturne?
Do you wish Nocturne was more than 6 hours?
Did you feel that Nocturne was a safe, accessible, barrier-free festival to attend?
If no, tell us how we can improve!
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Are you aware of Nocturne's sponsors?
Which of these businesses do you recognize as a Nocturne sponsor?
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Did you go out before, during, or after Nocturne to a local business and spend money?
This could be on art, food + drink, general items, transportation etc.
If yes, please estimate approximately how much you spent before, during, or after Nocturne
During Nocturne, did you interact with any Nocturne volunteers, board & committee members, or staff?
If yes, do you have any comments about our volunteers, board & committee members, or staff?
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Would you volunteer for Nocturne in the future?
Did you visit a gallery during Nocturne?
Did you attend a Community Group project during Nocturne?
Based on your experience this year, are you more likely to:
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What is your age group?
How do you spend your day?
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What is your household income level?
What is the highest level of education you have?
Where do you currently call home?
Did you stay at a hotel on the night of Nocturne?
Finally, share your thoughts about the event overall. What did you like most/least? How can we improve the experience?
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