Alight Aerial Dance Theater
Application form for Circus Variety Show on March 29, 2019 at Cedar Ridge High School. The theme is OLD SCHOOL/TRADITIONAL CIRCUS. Costumes and music should fit a more traditional circus theme (think black and white stripes, red sequins, etc). Preference will be given to those who are creating an act that remembers/impersonates an actual historical circus figure.
Please select which act you are submitting for consideration (please use a separate form for multiple submissions) *
Please list several of your past performances (dates, venues, what act you did, etc.) *
There will be a $30 performance fee for all performers who are accepted to be part of this production. This fee may be waived if you have your own ACTIVE performer's insurance. *
All acts must be rehearsed on a weekly basis for 6-weeks prior to the show. You will be required to attend private lessons or small group rehearsals with Jill (company director) or to submit weekly videos showing your ongoing progress (preferably with another teacher/professional) *
The dress rehearsal is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, March 28, with the show date for Friday, March 29. You will be required to attend both of these days (times to be confirmed, but will be after 5pm both days)
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Please check all boxes that apply to this specific act *
Please list any YouTube links to RECENT performances (in the last 12 months). Please comment on whether this is the act you are submitting for consideration or something different. It is also okay to submit a work in progress (for example: a video taken with your phone at the studio). You must upload your video to YouTube and then post the link here for consideration. *
Please include all your contact details here (your name, age, parent's name if under 18, email addresses, phone numbers) and anything else you want us to know about you. You can email questions to:
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