INSPIRE - Coach Support program
Northern Suburbs Football Association (NSFA) began the INSPIRE Coach Support Program in 2017 to provide community coaches with an array of resources, videos and advice to make their job easier, more enjoyable and for the benefit of their players.

Through the INSPIRE Coach support program you will recieve a weekly e-newsletter each Sunday which contains the following:
- INSPIRE Curriculum - A session plan each week based on your team and age group
- INSPIRE Coaching Tips - Each week we will provide a new coaching tip to help coaches connect with players
- INSPIRE BLOG - We trawl our coaching team from NSFA, Northern Tigers FC and afar to provide you their story
- INSPIRE TV - Session content videos
- XLR8 Skill of the week - We will provide you a new skill each week to teach your players (video content)

More information can be found on the NSFA website under the 'Coach' tab or contact Ed Ferguson at or (02) 9449 4933

The first 2019 e-newsletter will be released on Sunday March 31st, 2019


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Benefits of INSPIRE
As a member of the INSPIRE program you will have access to exclusive content to support you throughout the year, including:
• Weekly sessions from the INSPIRE Football Curriculum – Printable & Video
• Weekly Coaching tips
• Weekly player development videos
• INSPIRE Forum - regular communication with our Community Football Manager
• INSPIRE Blog posts to support and inspire you in your coaching journey

Please sign up for the INSPIRE - FACEBOOK GROUP - to receive updates

If you would like any further information please contact Ed Ferguson at

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