Call to Action for Individuals
#MissionPossible #FossilFreeAndFlourishing
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We, the undersigned individuals, agree that:
⧫ A world run on 100% renewable energy is possible; and

⧫ Being fossil free leads to a thriving economy, planet and people worldwide; and

⧫ Progress to 100% renewable energy is accelerated by working together.

WE are committed to letting everyone in the USA know that renewable energy is not only possible but profitable, by sharing our materials (e.g., studies, petitions, alerts, events) with each other to greatly enhance outreach to all.

WE recognize the important role of government in accelerating the energy transformation and encourage our networks to support political candidates that:
✧ work for the rapid energy transformation, making sure that the global pandemic accelerates, not slows, the transformation; and
✧ aggressively address climate change, racial injustice and other pressing socio-economic oppressions, recognizing that these are all interconnected with the critically needed energy transformation.

WE are very aware of the importance of valuing people, planet and profit (the triple bottom line), and thus are committed to continually improving our own operations and stressing the triple bottom line to others that we influence.
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