Beyond Shakespeare Exploring Sessions
For the Week Beginning Monday 23rd November: Please fill in even if you've performed with us before! This form closes on the morning of Saturday 21st November, 10am BST - if you apply after that you might get a part, but no guarantees.

Welcome to the Beyond Shakespeare Exploring Sessions! There are lots of options below, so read carefully.

Exploring Sessions: There are potentially two sessions each day, Monday to Sunday, which anyone can join. We meet on, get to know each other, read a play and if we have time discuss it a bit. We schedule sessions based on sign up, so some sessions will not happen. Please sign up for sessions you're available for - we will then work to your availability. Please note down your maximum number of sessions - that way you can be as available as you like, but only do so much as is reasonable.

Afternoons: There's a 2pm (BST) afternoon slow burn read through of a selection of plays across the week.
We read an act or two a day, posting videos on YouTube as we go. Each day the readers rotate, so you have a good mix of things to read. We aim to wind down around 4.15pm (BST). If we don't get the numbers to do a play, we may workshop scenes from a play previously looked at.

Evenings: The 7.15pm evening sessions work the same, doing one or more play over a number of evenings, aiming to be done by latest 9.15pm (BST). If we don't get the numbers to do a play, we may workshop scenes from a play previously looked at.

Each session opens at 2.00 for a 2.15pm (ish) start or 7.15pm for 7.30pm start - UK time (BST), with the recording beginning when everyone is online. The recording will be then released as soon after the session as we can - as video, if there are technical issues then just the audio.
Please sign up for the days you'd like to do - the size of part offered will vary.
Scripts and a rough schedule will be delivered on weekends.

Plays - the plays we're currently working on are from between 1490 and 1603 - we're focusing on Tudor drama of all kinds. We have about a dozen early Tudor plays left to do, and the rest will be Elizabethan. We may occasionally jump forward, but at the moment we're really keen to finish the ground work on the earlier part of the repertoire. To see, explore, watch and listen to the plays we've done, go to our timelines section on our website.
Casting and plays are subject to change depending on numbers. Don't request to be up for a specific play or part, it'll be a random numbers game.

More info on our website, with details of setting up and how the system works -
Contact us with the form below if you'd like to act, or if you have expertise in early or early modern play texts and would like to help.
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Maximum number of sessions you'd like to do across the week - and any other useful pieces of information that may adjust scheduling.
AFTERNOONS (2pm for 2.15pm start - aim to be done by 4.15pm BST time). These are read through and discussion sessions. Hoping to look at one or two plays across the week.
EVENINGS (7.15pm for 7.30pm start UK time - ending around 9.15pm) These may be readings of complete plays or workshops, depending on numbers.
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