Skincare Survey
Write as much or as little as you want. If you don't know the answer to a question or it doesn't apply to you, just write that!
How old are you? *
What is your gender? *
Where do you live (state)? *
What is the weather like typically where you live? (describe typical temperature, weather, etc.) *
Does your skin ever react to the weather around you (sunburns, dryness, etc.)? *
Do you feel that your current skincare routine works well for you? *
If you answered "no" to the previous question, what do you wish could be improved?
Do you experience any side effects from your current skincare routine (itching, redness, allergy, dryness)? *
What is important to you in a skincare routine? *
What products do you currently use on your skin? *
What brands do you think are the best for skincare? *
Where do you buy your skincare products from (online or from a store)? *
If you answered "online": What website do you use? Did you start buying online because of COVID or have you always done so?
If you answered "store": Is it always the same store? Why do you buy it in a store rather than online?
How often do you buy skincare products? *
When purchasing skincare products, are there specific ingredients you look for (retinol, Vitamin C, etc.)? *
Have you ever switched skincare products? *
If you answered "yes": What caused you to make this switch?
If you answered "no": What might convince you to switch skincare products?
Do you or your family have a history of skin conditions (including acne, atopic dermatitis, etc.)? *
Are you aware of skin analysis services that use tests to determine the skin type of users? *
If a product was scientifically matched to your skin based on your genetics, would you feel more comfortable using that product than your existing routine? *
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