MS-HS Parent Survey
The goal of this short survey is to solicit feedback from all parents in the district. The information provided will allow the school district to implement our vision of an engaging and challenging learning environment for all students. Your input is vital in developing goals, action plans, and programming aligned to our vision. Please note that the information will be shared with staff, but individual answers are confidential. Thank you in advance for taking the time to provide the district with valuable feedback.

David Bell, Superintendent
608-654-5131 ext.401

I feel welcome at my child's school.
My child feels like they belong at school.
I am proud of Cashton School District.
The school district is a supportive and inviting place for students to learn.
My child is safe at school.
I am informed about my child's progress at school.
Teachers help me know how to support my child's learning at home.
Cashton School District facilitates parent involvement.
Students show respect for other students.
Cashton School District treats all students fairly.
Cashton School District sets high standards for academic performance for all students.
Cashton School District succeeds at preparing its students for success after high school.
Cashton School District promotes academic success for all students.
Cashton School District provides adequate counseling and support services for students.
Clearly defined procedures regarding student behavior are in place at my child's school.
Positive student behavior is rewarded at my child's school.
My child is learning things that will benefit his/her future.
My child has the opportunity to participate in engaging and diverse learning opportunities.
My child is developing academic work habits that will aid in their success after high school.
What are the strengths of Cashton School District?
Your answer
What needs to be improved at Cashton School District?
Your answer
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