Capital One Scholarship Program
Are you a freelance writer covering credit card and credit? Then you can attend CardCon @ FinCon 2018 in Orlando, and Capital One will cover the cost of your registration fee.

CardCon, the Conference for Credit and Credit Card Media, is thrilled to announce this innovative partnership with Capital One to sponsor the registration fee for freelance writers.

The program rules are simple:

1. You must be a freelance writer with at least 5 published articles on credit or credit cards in 2018 and provide one example of your published work for review by CardCon.

2. You must not be full time employees of the company you are representing.

3. You must pay for your registration first, but it will be refunded by CardCon if you meet the program rules, after you check in for the event.

4. Registration fee reimbursements are limited so act fast. CardCon will at its sole discretion determine eligibility, which will include a review of your submitted work.

5. Those who have already registered for CardCon18 are eligible to apply and are subject to the rules as stated above.

In return, you are asked to recognize Capital One for its CardCon sponsorship on social media and your website. If you choose to so do, please remember to say that your registration fee was paid for by Capital One.

To apply, please fill out this application form and register for the event.

Afterwards, you'll need to register for CardCon here:
Eligible attendees will have their registration fees refunded upon attendance.

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