Camper Calling 2019 Survey
Thank you for visiting Camper Calling, 4 years in and we're still learning, trying to improve things and fix any mistakes.
Your feedback is really important to us, so please fill out the following questionnaire.

As a thank you for completing this, you'll be entered in to a prize draw to win a pair of weekend camping tickets to next year's show!
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Venue & Organisation
How easy was it to find Camper Calling?
Signage outside of the venue to get in?
Signage inside the venue?
Quality & cleanliness of toilets
Quality & cleanliness of showers
Range & quality of trader stalls
Range & quality of food and drink traders
Quality of camping fields
Overall quality & location of Ragley Hall
Which area were you camping/parking in?
When did you arrive?
Approximately how long did it take to get in?
If there was a queue when you arrived, this would be the time it took from starting to queue to getting to your parking space.
What did you think of our Lakeside Stage acts?
Did not see
Didn't Enjoy
Enjoyed :)
Friday: Artful Dodger
Friday: The Stickmen
Friday: Gypsy Unit
Friday: Hackney Colliery Band
Friday: Age of Glass
Friday: Tranqua Lite
Friday: DAME
Saturday: The Fratellis
Saturday: The Feeling
Saturday: Ash
Saturday: Lucy Spraggan
Saturday: Bang Bang Romeo
Saturday: Beans on Toast
Saturday: The Dunwells
Saturday: Elephant Trees
Saturday: Mr Motivator
Sunday: Skunk Anansie
Sunday: Sleeper
Sunday: Tony Christie
Sunday: Thrill Collins
Sunday: Eliza & The Bear
Sunday: Lucia
Sunday: Casey Lowry
Sunday: Junior Bill
Sunday: The Clause
What did you think of our Freshly Squeezed Stage acts?
Didn't See
Didn't Enjoy
Uncle Funk and the Boogie Wonderband
Auguztfest with the Bierkeller Schunklers
Baked A La Ska
Friday: The Novus
Friday: Sugarthief
Friday: Archie Faulks
Friday: Rosie Tee
Friday: Izzie Derry
Saturday: Citylightz
Saturday: The Good Water
Saturday: Violet
Saturday: Flares
Saturday: Grafton Ash
Saturday: Bryony Williams
Saturday: Jessie Reid
Sunday: Open Arms
Sunday: Mutant Vinyl
Sunday: Lycio
Sunday: Spilt Milk Society
Sunday: Stone Bear
Sunday: Ben Catley
Sunday: Paul Smith
What did you think of our Dance Stage acts?
Didn't See
Didn't Enjoy
Thursday: The Real Thing
Salsa & Latin Dance Workshops
Thursday: Craig Charles
Dutty Moonshine
Oh My God! It's the church
Tension Breakers Breakdancing Workshops
Thursday: The Christians
Lobstercise with Lekkido!
Which of the following activities or workshops did you attend and how much did you enjoy them?
Didn't enjoy
Did not know about it
Did not take part
Ras King Bobo Dance
Uncle Tacko's Imaginarium and the mighty Dom-Tink!
Junk Orchestra
Get streety with graffiti
Woodland Walks & Gardens
Panic Family Circus
Tree Climbing and Zip Wire Experiences
Lake Activities
Camper Calling Boat Race
Friday: Spark Walkabout Drummers
Adventure Play Area
Actual Reality Arcade
Silent Disco in the Woods
Calling All Kids Craft Tent
Vintage Mobile Cinema
Handmade Theatre Company - Are we nearly there yet?
Professor Pumpernickel's in the Chaos Corner
Ragley Hall House Tours
Gacko and Uke Can Do It Ukulele Workshop in the Chaos Corner
Ian Douglas The Storyteller
Kate's Story Tree
Where did you hear about Camper Calling?
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Did you have children with you?
What were your highlights of the weekend?
Your answer
Any bands you would like to see next year?
Your answer
Any food options you thought were missing?
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Please enter any other comments about your overall experience here and any improvements we can make
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