VCA Parent Contribution & Community Volunteer Application
IMPORTANT: This form must be completed by the volunteer signing the form via electronic signature. Applications received after the 1st of each month will be reviewed at the subsequent month's board meeting. All volunteers must be approved by the Board of Stewards prior to volunteer service. You will be notified of approval.

Social Security Numbers are held as confidential information and for background check purposes only. For questions or concerns, please contact Michelle Baier, Director of Human Resources, at (970) 874-8226.

Parents are provided the following guidelines for success.
--All parents must fill out the volunteer application, have a background check or be on the district approved list, and be approved by the VCA Board of Stewards.
--Follow/model proper cell phone/electronic device uses.
--Follow/model class rules, procedures, and assignment directives.
--Model positive and supportive behaviors toward staff, learners, and other parents.
--Follow safety protocols during drills and in the event of an emergency. Safety procedures or other needed information will be provided.
--There must be no electronic recording in the classroom or of learners.
--Colorado is a one party consent state, however, we ask that parent volunteers agree to no surreptitious electronic recording of conversations with adults. If you wish to record a conversation with an adult, please do so openly.
--Sign in and out for each visit.
--Get and wear the visitor’s badge.
--Arrange with a teacher, campus coordinator, or lead what time, days, and jobs you will contribute.
--Contributions may vary based on skills, needs, and agreements.

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For parent contribution volunteers, please list child(ren) name(s), grade(s), and campus(es).
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