Barix Clinics Success Story - Reconstructive Surgery

Congratulations on your success!  We sincerely believe that no one can tell the story like someone who has been there.  You lost your excess weight through bariatric surgery and then took your health to the next level with reconstructive surgery. Now's your chance to share some personal advice that may make an important difference in someone else's life.

There are 2 steps to submitting your story:

Step 1:  Answer the questions below and submit. Keep in mind, more is better, so don't hold back. We will write a "story" based on your responses. We may also use specific quotes.
Step 2: Send in pictures. Because each picture tells a story, more is better. Send "before" pictures. Send "after" pictures. Send pictures of you by yourself. Send pictures of you with friends and family. Send pictures of you being active. Send pictures of you all dressed up.

     Email: Send pictures in the highest resolution/best quality/largest file/actual file possible. Please attach each
     image to a separate email so they retain their quality. Email them to

     Mail:  If you have printed pictures that you would like to share, you can mail them. We will scan them and
     return them.

Mail pictures to:  
Barix Clinics
Marketing Department
135 S. Prospect
Ypsilanti, MI  48198
Attention: Share Your Story


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