Nominations for 2020 Green Party of PA Steering Committee and State Committee Team Leaders
This form is for nominations and self-nominations for the Green Party of Pennsylvania Steering Committee members, officers and Committee Team Leaders. You may nominate as many people as you want. Nominees will then be asked if they accept.
Nominees who accept the nomination for Steering Committee members or officers will be voted on at the 2019 January Virtual Meeting. Nominees who accept the nomination for Team Leaders will be chosen by the new Steering Committee in January.
NOMINATIONS WILL CLOSE ON DECEMBER 31ST, 2019. Nominee profiles will be posted for review as they accept and through to January.
Person making nomination
Nomination (s) for Steering Committee Co-Chair
One co-chair will be elected this year for a two year term. Alan will continue in his position for one more year. The current Co-Chair may or may not run again, so feel free to nominate other great candidates for this role.
Nomination(s) for Steering Committee Treasurer
The Treasurer will be elected IN EVEN YEARS for a two year term.
Nomination(s) for Steering Committee Secretary
Beth will continue in her position for one more year. No nominations are necessary.
Nomination(s) for Steering Committee at-Large members
Nomination(s) for Core Team Leader(s)
Nomination(s) for Finance Team Leader(s)
Nomination(s) for Communications Team Leader(s)
Nomination(s) for GreenWave Team Leader(s)
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