OHIO University | Spring 2023 Choral Placement
Welcome to the Choral Area of the Ohio University School of Music!  This semester, placement hearings will be done by video submission.  You should complete this Choral Placement process if you are:
  1. A School of Music vocal music major (music ed - voice / performance - voice / music therapy - voice / BA - voice)


  2. Auditioning for the OHIO University Singers
At the end of this form, you will submit a link to the Unlisted YouTube Video to which you have uploaded your recording, following these steps: Spring 2023 Choral Placement Video Directions

Submissions are due by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, January 18
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1. Directions for making your recording are here: Spring 2023 Choral Placement Video Directions
2. Submit a link to your recording (Unlisted YouTube Video) below.
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