Hamilton County Jail Experience Survey
The Hamilton County Community Bail Fund is conducting a survey of anyone who was incarcerated in the Silverdale Detention Center at any point and for any amount of time after June 1st of 2021. We are interested in hearing directly from the people who have seen and been affected by the conditions at the jail. We believe that we will find the most accurate picture of the situation by giving a voice to directly impacted people and their families.

Any information provided to us is confidential. We will not require your name or your contact information, and we will not try to identify you using the details you give us. We will never provide this information to law enforcement or the courts, and completing this survey will not affect any ongoing case you may be dealing with.

If you cannot fill out this survey, but still want to share your experience in Silverdale, please send an email to bailfund@calebcha.org
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By typing your initials in the next question, you agree to give CALEB (Chattanoogans in Action, Love, Equality, and Benevolence) and the Hamilton County Community Bail Fund, permission to use all non-identifiable data collected in this survey to be shared publicly in whatever way CALEB chooses to. We will never share your information with police, the Sheriff's office, the courts, or city or county employees.
I understand that CALEB staff and membership may be exposed to my identifiable information. I understand that all parties involved with CALEB will not share any identifiable information unless given permission. I understand that my name, contact information, and other identifiable information will not be shared unless I give explicit, written permission. *
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Background Information
These questions ask for some details about your incarceration and your charges. This information is confidential and will NOT be used to identify you.
When were you incarcerated? *
You can give specific dates (8/12/2021-9/22/2021) or just the months that you were incarcerated (January of 2022 through February of 2022).
How long were you in jail? *
Giving your best guess, count the time from when you were arrested to when you were released. You can answer in days (5 days) or months (8 months)
What court were your charges in? *
What was the outcome of your case? *
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