Interest Survey - BMES Volunteering Team
WHO IS IT? A core group of BMES members who want to regularly volunteer at events and encourage others to do the same. All BMES members are invited and encouraged to volunteer; joining this team will ensure you are in the loop with our events.

WHO CAN JOIN? The team will be open to join at any time for all BMES members.

WHAT WILL THEY DO? You'll be updated with upcoming outreach events and will have a greater input in which events we will be holding. We will have a form of group communication for you to sign up for events, some of which are reoccurring.

WHAT'S IN IT FOR THE VOLUNTEERS? The team members’ volunteering hours will be recorded, which will put them in the running for volunteering awards or would be great to put on a resume. Also, it's a great way to get involved in the C-U community and make friends!

Contact both Taylor Wills (Volunteer Coordinator, Stephanie Slowik (Outreach Director, for questions or more info.
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