NL-1331X and MD+ application form
Agents we are moving over to a more formal process for requesting events in your area. This is to help us organize and better understand where the community would like to see us go not just where we think we should go. Agents will also be able to request that their event be a MD+. Please be aware that not every place can be selected and even less can be a MD+. We however will do our best to accommodate as many request as possible.
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Do you want to have a MD with this event? Please be aware that even if requested we may not be able to accommodate this request (weekends only).
Do you have a proposed date for your event? We cannot guarantee dates but can effort to have events as close as possible to the requested date. *
Is your proposed date tied to or related to another event happening in your city?
I am aware that if my city is selected I will be contacted first via email then a localized chat will be set up using Telegram
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