Booking Request: Monthly Fruit & Vegetable Exploration Workshops
The fruit and vegetable exploration nutrition workshops are suited to children aged 3-6 and are held monthly. The service is currently Sydney based, but you're welcome to register interest if you are outside the Sydney area. Just send an email to us at

Please complete the fields below so that we can assist you with a booking. We aim to book centres in a regular spot, e.g. every 1st/2nd/3rd/4th day of the week each month. If any days fall on a public or school holiday, we’ll help to find an alternative date. A minimum of three (3) consecutive months is required to book.

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Please write down any allergies or intolerances, severity and control measures (e.g. anaphylactic – any foods brought into the centre needs to be free of traces/cross contaminants). If no allergies or intolerances, please write "N/A" *
Would you like children to use a child-safe knife and peeler where appropriate? Please see: & for more information about the products. If yes, we ask that you undertake a risk assessment outlining control measures for centre staff to implement and provide this to us. This can be done at a later time if you're not quite sure now. *
Do any of the children have special needs or sensitivities that we need to be mindful of? If so, please provide details:
Do you agree to mentions/tags on social media as a participant? No photography of persons will be used unless we have your permission. *
The following is required for Junior Food Explorers to deliver the program: An indoor venue with adequate floor space and table seating for discussion and workshop activities; a large sink with nearby bench space for washing food and equipment; Adequate hand-washing facilities (running water, soap and single-use hand towels); Access to a complimentary parking spot as close to the venue as possible; Access 30 minutes before the scheduled commencement time; and appropriate health and safety facilities on site, e.g. first aid kits and medical and emergency response action plans.
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