iPad Parent Survey
Please complete this survey by JANUARY 15TH.
What grade is your student currently in? *
If you have multiple students at the middle school level, please complete this survey for the youngest child.
Do you have wireless internet access at home?
Do you feel that internet is adequately filtered to only allow age appropriate content to be viewed by your child?
On average, how many hours per day does your child spend on homework?
Do you feel that the iPad is assisting in meeting the needs of your child?
How comfortable do you feel your child is with using his or her iPad to complete school work?
Do you understand how your child is using the iPad in school?
I have observed or heard my child talk about using the iPad to:
(check all that apply)
Would you be interested in attending additional parent training about technology? If so, please indicate which topics you would like to learn more about.
How can the Palmyra Area School District better support your child's learning with the iPad?
You may use this space to clarify any of your responses to the questions listed above.
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