Call for Games at Jibambe na Tec Exhibition
This is the application form to apply for the games’ exhibition during the first Jibambe na Tec Festival, an initiative of the Alliance Française de Nairobi and the Goethe-Institut Nairobi, in partnership with A MAZE. The project is supported by the French-German Cultural Cooperation Fund.

Jibambe na Tec is the first playful media festival in Nairobi and brings together the international games and vr creator community from Kenya and East Africa. The festival is dedicated to exploring new, creative and innovative ways in gaming and game development with a focus on the continent.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we are moving some of the activities to the legendary A MAZE. / SPACE - a virtual multiplayer 3D game environment. The A MAZE. / SPACE is open already:

The Jibambe na Tec online activities will run from 20 to 22 November 2020 and will be accessible to all festival participants and subscribers of the A MAZE. / SPACE.

Please fill out the form if you are interested in sharing your demo.
Be Aware!
We are going to showcase 10 games for that games exhibition. You’ll be notified if your game has been selected (or not) at the November 13, 2020.

For an amazing showcase we need from you:
*game trailer (as youtube link only)
*game title, description, studio name or artist name, country
*PC: demo build for Windows and for Mac (if available).
*Mobile: Link to the demo build / or full game so people can download for their mobile device.

Any question? Feel free to contact: Thorsten S. Wiedemann (curator) -
Project / Title *
Project / Description / Country *
Studio, Artist / Contact *
Project / Demo Build (Windows, MAC) *
Please add the link to the builds.
Project / Trailer (only Youtube) *
Please add the link to the youtube video. Would be nicer to have a game play video instead of a trailer.
Project / Social Media *
Project / Website *
Project / Screenshot *
Please add the link to the screenshot.
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