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If you want a book that isn't in the Lake-Sonoma-Mendocino County shared catalog, one option for getting it is the Zip Books program. Amazon ships Zip Books directly to the library patron at no charge to the patron. The California State Library pays for the program. Zip Books requests can be placed for books, large print books and books on CD.

There is a limit of two active Zip Book requests at a time. If you request more than two Zip Books, those requests will be filled after you return the books you already have.

Your Zip Book will be checked out on your library card when the order is placed and you will be responsible for returning the item to the library.

Use this form if you are willing to receive Zip Books and to return them to the library. Your name and address will be shared with Amazon so that your request can be filled.

If a Zip Book isn't possible to fill your request, you will be notified. In that case, the item might be available from a library outside of our tri-county system via interlibrary loan.

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