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We're so sorry you're having a problem with your Spectra product!

Fill out the warranty form below. We will get some information from you so we can troubleshoot and find out if you need a loan pump or not. We know you may be relying on your pump to express milk, so we'll action your claim fast.

Just a reminder - we are the distributors for Australia & NZ. If you're in or bought from another region, please get in touch with the distributor for that region.
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Please confirm that you are located in Australia and that your pump was purchased from an authorised distributor within Australia *
Spectra Baby Australia provide warranty for authorised sales within Australia only
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e.g. Spectra website in February 2020. If you have your order number, even better.
What's the serial number on your pump? *
You can find the serial number on the bottom of your pump.
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Address for return of your pump *
It will take about two weeks turnaround for your claim to be actioned and your repaired pump to be on its way back home to you. Which address would you like it delivered to?
Please describe the issues you're having in as much detail as you can *
Can you see the backflow protectors moving? *
When the pump is turned on, can you see the diaphragms inside the backflow protector moving back and forth?
Will the pump power on or is it 'dead'? *
Do you need a loan pump while we process your claim? *
Please check to confirm that you agree to return the loan pump immediately once your pump is repaired. *
Spectra relies on people returning loan pumps promptly in order to be able to offer this service. We will send you a prepaid postal label to return your loan pump to us once you have your pump back. Please agree to do this  as promptly as you can so that it's available for another mum.
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