MFNJ2020 - The League of Scrying Gentlemen
The Sisters of the Flame are happy to reprise our GP/MF NJ side event for the 3rd time with another wackadoo event! This time, we're taking the first plunge into Mg's new set of Magic: The Gathering cards.
Haven't heard the good word yet? Scryings is an expansion set for the Old School card pool that features 116 cards from Fallen Empires to Weatherlight, hand selected by Grandfather of Old School Magic himself, Magnus. But why try to paraphrase what is already articulated so well. Here's the official primer on Scryings. Read up!

And here's the set spoiler.

The important thing to note here is that while every US card pool includes Fallen Empires in its entirety, Scryings was designed to be played alongside the Swedish card pool and so we'll be running it this way as well. The only FE cards allowed are ones that are part of the Scryings set.

While we're utilizing the Swedish B&R, we are maintaining the standard US reprint policy: Any non-foil card with same art and original border are allowed (CE/ICE, FWB, FBB are A-Ok!).

Yes, it's the Swedish card pool but mana will still burn you! Take 1 life point of vitality damage to your hit point life force for every unspent unit of mana at the end of every step. Ouch!

Finally, because the point of all this is to get to play with the new card pool, this event will be run under the Gentleman's Rules. This means Library of Alexandria and Mind Twist are BANNED.
The Tournament
When: January 26, 2020, 12pm - 6pm
Where: Cheeseburger in Paradise - 700 Plaza Dr, Secaucus, NJ 07094
Cost: $20 + an Old School card for the community prize pool

This event is capped at 32 players. We will play 5 rounds of best-of-3 to crown a winner. Proxies will not be allowed for this tournament. We'll have some fun prizes for the top 4 as well as a raffle for some real sexy Old School cards and accouterments.

In addition, we will again draft signed prize cards from the community donated prize pool as usual. Please bring a cool, playable Old School card to donate!
Mike Frantz has been designing the Old Order Old School group's first major event, GloryCon in Gettysburg, PA. Unfortunately, the GP schedule was announced a little late this year and GPNJ falls on the same weekend as GloryCon. We've already decided to host our event on Sunday (GloryCon is on Saturday) to ensure there's no conflict, but to provide further incentive, we're going to be giving an additional prize to the challenger with the highest total record between both tournaments! A few people have already mentioned they're planning to attend both events so there will be stiff competition.
Because we're already diving into uncharted waters, there are sure to be many creative decks. As such, we're going to be awarding a prize to the player with the most cards used from the Scryings set, with a winning record (3-2 or higher).
Our Charity
Upholding our tradition of supporting female-focused charities, this time we've selected Girls Who Code, a group on a mission to close the gender gap in technology and to change the image of what a programmer looks like and does.

Our 1st tournament raised $500 for Women In Need.
Our 2nd tournament raised $600 for Madre.

Let's break our record!
This event has capped. If you would like to get on the waiting list, message me on Discord (8bit_mtg) or on Facebook (Paul DeSilva)
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