Games Now! 2019-20 Pre-Lecture Assignments
These pre-lecture assignments are part of the GN! course ( and designed to get you prepared for the expert lectures. The exercise will help you to contextualize and lecturer to prepare. Our guest lecturers will see your responses and might include your questions or summary to the lecture. All questions will not be addressed.

You can also take part of these exercises if you are not aiming for study credits.

Respondents that are attending the lectures in person can also sign-up for the dinner raffle.
Assignment description
*Task*: Google (or alternatively use on the topic of the lecture and try to find either articles or games that relate to the topic. Play the games (alternatively find gameplay videos or live streams of someone playing the games), and read the articles (remember being critical towards your sources).
*Summarize*: What were you able to find and what did you learn? What was new to you? Do you disagree with something? Write down your reflection in 50-200 words.
*Questions*: Write down 1-3 questions that you would like our lecturer to try to address in the talk. Not all questions will be addressed. The earlier you send your questions, the more likely they will be answered).

Use minimum of 30 minutes and maximum of 3 hours for each lecture assignment and report the findings that you were able to confer within the time slot.

Deadline is always Sunday 20:00 EET/EEST before the lecture. The earlier you submit, the better chances you have for your questions to be addressed on the lecture.
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The lecturer will receive your summaries and questions anonymously, the rest of the information is sent only to your teacher. You can also submit your questions anonymously, if you are not on this course for study credits. Your information will be deleted after the academic year.
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GN! Dinner Raffle
After each Games Now! lecture, we organize a free dinner for the speaker and selected guests. You can win a seat for this dinner by sending your pre-lecture assignment according to the deadline and participating to a raffle (by ticking the box below). The draw will be conducted right after the lecture at the lecture location. If you are not present at the location, we will draw a new winner - so join the lecture in Otaniemi in person! You don't have to be Aalto University student to participate to this raffle.
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