The Building Heroes Podcast Application

Thanks for applying to be on my podcast! I love to interview other influencers who are all about raising great kids!

The podcast is called The Building Heroes Podcast.

I want to raise my kids to be heroes. Not superheroes, but rather heroes that are prepared with character, discipline who choose to serve others and stand for good.

I love using the hero's journey as a pattern for my home and homeschool! Rather than making my kids go down the path that is prescribed for them, I am my children's guide, mentor, trainer and facilitator to teach them how to take their own journey to greatness.

A part of this is education - and being open to alternative ideas, such as homeschooling.

And the best way for any parent to guide their kids is to take their own journey!

You may not be familiar with the hero's journey pattern, but successful parents are following it, whether they know it or not. Learn more here:

In this podcast we celebrate motherhood and family. But we also highlight how motherhood is strengthened, and families are strengthened when mothers are courageous enough to follow their own journey, to change the world around her!

I choose podcast guests based on who I think can provide great value for my audience. We talk about things like homeschool, mindset, entrepreneurship, motherhood, raising kids, systems & organization, and things along those lines!

Our audience is mainly mothers who think outside the box, are open to different ideas about education for their children. They love their children, may or may not homeschool, and want to help them reach their fullest potential. Some may be familiar with mindset and success principles, others may not yet be. At the same time, they know somewhere inside that they have a greater purpose. Some will feel like it’s been squashed and they can barely remember what they want or like, and others will have really stepped into this space of purpose. The paradox is that when they start leading the way, they find that they are enough to lead their kids.

This is not a religious podcast per se, but it can be mentioned in the context of your journey/your story. We are not preaching religion here, though. Bad or negative language is strongly discouraged, mothers and often their children are listening. Besides, language is powerful, so let's use the best uplifting language we have!

We will record the interview on Zoom. It should take about 30-60 minutes. We aim for around 30 minutes recording, but sometimes we go longer or chat before/after.
A mic and headphones make for better sound quality but not required.

**I never follow a script when interviewing, but I may ask you things along these lines**
Tell us your story
Where have you had to go against the status quo, the norms to do what is best for your family?
How has it helped your family? How has it helped you?
If you could do things differently, how would you have changed your mothering/fathering career?
What is your favorite thing about being a mother? father?
Do you feel supported? When have you not felt supported?
What is your purpose? Why is your purpose so important to you?
How are you building heroes in your home?
How did you find your path?
If there is one piece of advice you could give to our audience, what would it be?

And of course if you have a great message / skill to share with our audience, add that below!

This is not an opportunity for you to give a sales pitch during the whole podcast. You can briefly mention what you offer in your story, and refer to it occasionally, but be careful not to keep on bringing back the conversation to your business.

We would much rather hear about you and your words of wisdom and get to know YOU, so people know, like and trust you.

At the end I will ask you to let our audience know more about your offer and where to find you.
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