Highland Youth Performance Ensembles 2017-2018 Registration
The Highland Youth Performance Ensembles exists to foster positive experiences for all who participate, by promoting education, creativity and freedom of expression through the unification of pageantry and the performing arts. The Highland Youth Performance Ensembles is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All contributions are tax-deductable in accordance with the IRS.
The members of the Highland Youth Performance Ensembles, perform as a visual unit, strive for excellence, and entertain our audience while having fun. We work together with staff, friends, and parents to stand for spirit and pride for the Highland Youth Performance Ensembles. We express our determination and hard work in the form of progress. Our passion for performance comes from the fun we have, the friendships we make, and the feelings of accomplishment we receive in the end.
The Highland Youth Performance Ensembles is comprised of colorguards based on age and skill level. All decisions on member placement are made with the best interest of the HYPE programs in mind.
HYPE Cadets 2017 - TIA Atlantic Coast Superior Rating
CoMotion 2017 - TIA Atlantic Coast Bronze Medalists
Atlantic Coast Championships Finale 2017
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HYPE instructors and support staff are volunteers who lead and conduct the events for the benefit of all. Your decision to participate and, at every point, to continue to participate is yours alone. The instructors and support staff will help you with arrangements to carry out your decision, consistent with the resources and welfare of the group. *
By registering for the HYPE organization, you indicate you have the ability to complete the event safely. If you find conditions more difficult than you are prepared for, you should arrange with an instructor to modify or end your participation. The staff of HYPE will assist you in any way possible in making you an integral and successful member of our activity. *
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