Discover Data with Python: Application
This is the application form for the Discover Data with Python course of Coding Kids Malta.

Course type: online (via Zoom)
Age: 14-16
Level: beginner / intermediate
Length: 12 × 90 min (6 weeks)
Starts: 15/09/2021, 18:00
Price: 15 € / session
Special offer: Bring a friend and get the first two sessions for free!

We live in a world of data. Dealing with data is at the heart of almost every profession, from air control to banking or to running social media. Data science is one of the fastest growing fields within computing. Studying it provides you with a huge advantage and promises a well-paying career.

The participants of this 12-week online course get introduced to the basic ideas and methods of data science without going scientific. Deep insights will be delivered by fun projects.

In the first few sessions we take a common sense approach and work on various problems in Python without introducing a data science framework. In the second half of the course we will introduce a few very powerful tools: NumPy and Pandas for data analysis, Matplotlib and Plotly for data visualization, and SciKit-Learn for machine learning.

The course assumes some familiarity with programming, ideally in Python. However, kids familiar with some other programming language like JavaScript or C++ but not with Python will be able to catch up.

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