Needs Assessment (School Based Mental Health Clinic)
This survey is to assess the need for a school based mental health clinic at our school. Please respond to each question as completely and accurately as possible. No identities of participants will be collected and will remain completely anonymous. Your participation is greatly appreciated.
Which of the following best describes your mood on a typical day? *
In your opinion, how important is having a full-time therapist at the school? *
Within the past year have you contemplated suicide? *
How important is having a safe space to come, share, and learn about mental health issues and concerns? *
At any point in your life have you ever attempted suicide? *
Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental health issue? *
Are you currently receiving services from a mental health care provider? *
If a mental health clinic was made available at the school, how likely do you think you would utilize these services? *
Have you ever experienced a traumatic event in your life? *
What kind of mental health support would you recommend for the school?
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