A.F.A. Moderator Applications
The Artists For Artists(A.F.A.) server is looking for one or more new mods to aid in things as our server grows! If you think you might be able to contribute, then read through and fill out the following application and I(the server owner) will look over it as soon as possible!
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Section 1: Rules And Expectations As A Moderator On The A.F.A. Server
You must be a member of this server for longer than two weeks *
I have read through all of the server rules and, as a mod, I will uphold said rules without exceptions *
As a mod, I understand that I am not above the rules and breaking them myself will still result in repercussions that may even be losing my position as a mod *
This server is supposed to be a safe and chill place for people to chat and share their art on, and as a mod I will monitor all chats if I'm able to even if I am the only mod online/on duty *
I will inform the mod chat if I will be out for an extended period of time and/or if I am not able to complete my duties as a mod *
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