Califon School District Steering Committee Application
As many of you are aware, the Califon School District has experienced a steady decline in enrollment over the past ten years. As a result of the decline, the Board of Education has attempted to gather information in an effort to chart the most appropriate path forward for the school and the greater community. Although the Board has done some preliminary work, there is much more work to be done. In order to make informed, appropriate decisions that involve all stakeholders in the community, the Board is forming a steering committee whose mission is to study the issue of declining enrollment, collect and analyze all relevant data, and communicate those findings to the community as a whole. The work of the committee will begin as soon as possible and will continue until there is sufficient information to help the community make informed decisions. If you are interested in being a part of this important work, please complete the form below. Ultimately, the committee will be made up of the following key members:
2 Board of Education representatives
1 representative from town government
2 parents of current Califon School Students
1 resident who does not currently have children attending Califon School
1 resident who represents the retired members of the community.

*Please note that all steering committee members must be residents of Califon Borough. Additionally, all steering committee members must pass a background check for eligibility as a school volunteer.

In addition to the key members of the steering committee, there will be multiple opportunities for members of the community to give, feedback, expert advise and to hear about the progress of the committee. Even if you are not able or selected to serve on the initial committee, there will be plenty of opportunities to be a part of this important work. The committee will develop and publish a communication plan that will dictate how and when all information is distributed to the community.

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