The Brick Badge Contest by BZPower!
It's the symbol of Lego conventions worldwide: the brick badge. It takes the badge ribbon seen at countless non-brick conventions and puts a buildable spin on it. Not only can you tell everyone what your name is, you can tell them who you are; where you're from, what groups you belong to, your favourite themes, what cons you've been to, your stance on Galidor...

But why stop at words? Your badge is made of Lego! You can customize the whole dang thing! Build on top, below, within, behind, and two inches in front of your badge bricks with the mini creations that express who you are! Think past the engraved brick and look to the rest of your collection to make a badge that's truly yours, and you could win fantastic prizes!

That's right, this convention is all about customizing your brick badge. Take those bricks you've collected over the years (or use 1x8s as stand-ins if you haven't been yet) and just go absolutely wild with building on your badge. I'd recommend sticking to a creation you could possibly wear on your own human body, though, but I'll leave it up to you what you can manage.

Speaking of your own human body: if you're going to be at Brickfair North Carolina the weekend of March 23, why not pop by with your fancy badge? You could get to show it off on BZP's social media accounts, and maybe even get some free Lego (supplies limited) for your trouble! We'll have more details closer to the convention, so stay tuned!

So go ahead and let us know: who are you?

You have from now until Sunday, March 10th at 11:59 PM Eastern to submit your entry. To submit your entry, just use this handy form. Only one entry per person, please!

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