WIHI Junior Conference Questionnaire - Parents
The WIHI Junior Conference is among the most important steps to completing a thorough, personalized college selection. During your conference, we will review your goals and plans for the future and academic progress at WIHI. We'll also discuss options available to you and sketch a "road map" to help your reach your college and career goals!

To get the most out of your Junior Conference, plan ahead to:
1. Schedule your conference at least two weeks in advance using the WIHI Junior Conference page on SignUpGenius
2. Complete both the Student Questionnaire and Parent Questionnaire (online at wihi.org/college-counseling or on paper)
3. Attend your scheduled conference and bring your questionnaire answers
4. Follow up with colleges after your conference by visiting campus, meeting admissions reps and/or participating in programs

The more we learn about your student, the better we can guide you through the high school years and college selection process. Responses on this evaluation consistently prove to be a valuable resource when writing college recommendations. We hope you will share your responses with your son/daughter also.
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Parent Evaluation
Describe one or two major events that you see as a turning point in your son/daughter's development. Include any family situation, medical history, family trauma, and/or personal achievements that might be helpful. *
Have his/her high school experience been positive? If there have been any painful experiences, please include. *
College Questionnaire
Do you have a specific location in mind? *
How far from home would you like your son/daughter to be? *
Do you prefer a big city? Suburb? Small town? *
Do you have a certain location in mind? *
Is there a conflict about this location with your son/daughter? *
If yes, how will you resolve this?
Do YOU have a career goal in mind for your student? *
How hard does your student apply his/herself? *
Is he/she ready to accept college responsibilities? *
Is it important to YOU that he/she attend a prestigious university? *
Do you prefer small, mid-size, or large college? *
Do you prefer an undergraduate-only institution? *
e.g. Kalamazoo College, Knox College, The College of Wooster
Would you consider a single-sex school? *
Would you consider a religious school? *
Is racial/ethnic diversity important to you? *
Do you prefer conservative or liberal? *
Will financial aid be necessary? *
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