Ops School rewards
Congratulations! You've done a great service for the industry! As a reward, you will receive an Ops School sticker, and a dozen cookies made by Chef Brandy Vig.

The base cookies are:
* Chocolate chip
* Sugar cookie
* Oatmeal
* Shortbread
* Snicker doodle
* Peanut butter

These can be customised to your liking with any of the following:
* MORE chocolate chips!
* Raisins, craisins, etc
* Walnuts, pecans, macadamia or other nuts of your choosing
* Dried fruits
What kind of cookies would you like? *
Choose a base and the customisations you'd like!
Your email address *
So we can keep you updated!
Your name *
Who should we address these to?
Your address *
We need to know where to send them! We usually ship UPS ground. (Avleen is the only person with access to this)
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