Male Stunt and Cheer Fee Sheet
Please fill out the document WITH A PARENT OR GUARDIAN and sign below. If you select to purchase something you will be required to pay for that item. The optional items are in ADDITION to the $535 required for the Rally men ad $50 for STUNT men.
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Athlete's Name *
Shirt Size *
Short Size *
Shoe Size (Cheerleaders Only)
Please check all of the OPTIONAL items you would like to add to your package.
By checking the below box you are agreeing to pay for the items listed above by the listed due date to Ogden High School. If you quit or are dismissed from the team for any reason you will still be required to pay for the above selected items. *
TO BE SIGNED BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN: By typing your name below, the parent/guardian of the above listed cheerleader is taking responsibility for the fees being accrued above. *
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