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In observance of Arbor Day, which in Ohio is the last Friday in April (April 26th) the LBMS eClub is giving away 50 White Fir and 50 Red Maple seedlings to any willing LBMS student and their family to plant in their yard. These saplings are free. These trees were chosen for their greater ability than other trees to take CO2 out of the air. Trees are the lungs of the earth and every leaf counts. (See more about trees at:

The bare-root saplings - 6 to 12 inches in height - will probably be delivered to school sometime mid to late April and will have to be planted within 5 days. Use the form below to sign up to receive a free tree sapling. Note to students: We'll need your parents to complete the form below, with your help. At this time, we'll limit 1 tree per family, but should not enough people sign up, we'll allow more trees per family.

When the trees arrive, they will be delivered to the student during their last period of the day. Note that should we run out of trees and you've already signed up, we apologize in advance, but that also means we were successful. We'll notify you via email or through your child if this occurs.

Thanks for doing something good for the earth.

Kurt Thonnings
LBMS teacher and Environmental Club advisor
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Parent: I acknowledge that my child will receive a free bare-root tree sapling (6 to 12 inches tall) from the LBMS eClub sometime in late April and that we will plant the tree within a few days. I also acknowledge that the supply of trees may run out and that distribution will be according to the date/time of form submissions *
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