Waze area-management request form
If you would like to become an area manager, OR -
If you would like to change your area-management definitions - please fill in the form below and a representative of the region's country-managers will contact you shortly.
Waze käyttäjätunnus / username *
Your Waze username is the one you are using to log into the Waze application and web services
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Sähköpostiosoite / email address *
The email through which the country-managers will be able to communicate with you
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Alueen nimi / Name of area *
The name of the city or metro area where you live and/or drive most frequently
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Haettava alue / Area you are interested in managing *
The area you would like to manage - either the city/metro name, the bounding-box -- LAT/LONG, points description (e.g. city-name, intersections etc) or the permalink
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