Ann Arbor Winter ReSkilling Festival - February 2012
We are looking for presenters for the February 4th ReSkilling Festival of 2012!

This is an amazing opportunity for our community to come together to share sustainable skills or knowledge to support one another in being well and self-sufficient in a low-energy world (or at least make a step in that direction!).

If you have a sustainable skill that you would like to share at this fun, community event, please fill out this survey, and we will contact you shortly to confirm your session proposal. If you have multiple workshops to propose, please submit one at a time through this online survey system.

NOTE: We will be having a Presenter Kick-off on January 27th, 6:30-8pm that we expect all presenters to attend. The purpose of the kick-off will be to get to know your fellow presenters, provide an opportunity for presenters to bounce ideas off each other (and us!), and refocus our attention on the higher purpose of the ReSkilling Festival in the week leading up to the event.

Session Information
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Please describe what your session will be about. If your session is accepted, we will paste directly from this response onto our blog to advertise your session, so please write it as you would like it to be seem online. Example:
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What skills will your participants walk away with? *
How will you have equipped them to implement what they have learned on their own?
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Is your workshop a sequenced presentation or casual drop-in? *
We are considering changing the format a little bit this year. 6 minute minis are short sessions that will be held during the communal lunch hour. This is open for all people, whether you are a offering a reskilling class, or just have an idea you would like to share.
Please indicate length of presentation: *
Note: This year we will have 50 min. hours, leaving 10 min. to transition between rooms. Please err on having a little more time then needed when selecting your length and if you wish to do a 30 min. slot, still choose the hour option. If desired, you can state your exact time under the "Other" option. Thank you!
If you are giving a short presentation, would you be willing to give it twice? *
(Depending on schedule and anticipated demand for your topic.)
What time slot are you available for presenting? *
Please check all the times you are available from the earliest time until the time you can go no later than, e.g. if the you check 10, 11, and 12 we will assume you are available from 10-1. Note that the festival will occur 10am-4pm on Saturday, February 4, 2012.
What kind of space will you need? *
Check all that may apply. If you have any special set-up needs, please describe in "Other." Those doing Minis, please check "Commons."
What is the maximum attendance for your workshop? *
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Is there a materials fee? If so, how much per person? *
Please indicate what price covers or what participants can expect to take home for this price. Please also indicate if multiple participants can share a project and split the costs.
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Do you plan to sell products? How much do they cost? *
Presenters will have the opportunity to sell or trade goods related to their presentation (finished product, supplies, equipment, etc) both at their demonstrations and at the Transition sales table.
We now hold WEDNESDAY RESKILLING SESSIONS in between the festivals we host. Would you be interested in hosting an evening ReSkilling workshop?
If so, what skill(s) would you like to present?
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