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How to apply
If you purchased Map Code information service as part of your ToCoo! options, please apply for your Map Code search request here. After receiving your application, we will reply to the email registered with the rental car reservation within approximately 2 business days.

In order to accurately find your desired location, please send detailed information including the name, facility name, address, and phone number of the place. We cannot find a Map Code from vague information, so please be as detailed as possible.
Example entry
Good example (easy to verify the correct location):
1. Tokyo Sky Tree
Address; 1-2 Oshiage Sumida-ku, Tokyo 101-0045
Phone number: 0570-550-634

Bad examples (impossible to find the map codes):
1. Hokkaido Sapporo City (the area is wide and unspecified)
2. How to get to Kawaguchiko from Tokyo (there are no map codes for routes)
Request Form
ToCoo! Reservation Number *
Enter your ToCoo! reservation number here. The Map Code list will be sent to the email address registered at the time of reservation. If you want to have the Map Code list sent to another email address, please write it in the "Other Requests" section.
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3rd Destination
4th Destination
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10th Destination
If you would like to request more than 10 Map Codes, please fill in the following field.
Up to 10 Map Codes can be provided per Map Code service. An additional fee will be charged for the 11th and above location of 200 yen per extra location. *Additional fees will be charged to the credit card registered at the time of reservation.
Other Requests
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