Back to School Parent Survey
As we move forward in deciding what next year will look like for our students, our highest priority is to keep them safe and well. We would like to have your input in some of the options we are debating. Please keep in mind that all of these options are possibilities for the next year and we would like you to rank them in order of your preference.

Students will be divided into 2 groups. Each classroom will have 10-12 students each day.
When students are not on campus they will be participating in distance learning.
Students who receive extra services will be on campus half days on Mondays.
Mondays will also be used for teacher planning.
At this point masks for students are optional, but recommended.

Please rate the options below from 1-4 with 1 being your most preferred option and 4 being your least preferred option.
Oldest Student’s Name *
Week On/Week Off - Students will come to school every other week, group A being here one week and group B being here the next week. *
Most Preferred
Least preferred
2 Consecutive Days - Students will come to school 2 consecutive days each week. For example, group A on campus Tuesday/Wednesday and group B on campus Thursday/Friday. *
Most Preferred
Least Preferred
2 Separate Days - Students will come to school 2 days a week with an off campus day in between. For example, group A on campus Tuesday/ Thursday and group B on campus Wednesday/Friday. *
Most Preferred
Least Preferred
Split Day - Students will come to school Tuesday through Friday for ½ the day. Group A will come for 3 hours in morning, group B will come for 3 hours in the afternoon. (Least Likely Option) *
Most Preferred
Least Preferred
Are you interested in having your student do distance learning only. Not attending school. *
Would any of these options make it impossible for you to have your students at Blochman next year? If so, which one?
Bus transportation will be extremely limited. With this in mind will you be able to provide transportation for your students to and from school? *
Do you have internet access at home? *
Do you have a computer at home? *
If you have any questions or comments, please leave them here.
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