Terms of Service; Marketing, Operations, Fundraising and Ad Grants Policy.
Updated January 17th, 2018

By accepting service, using our website or affiliate websites (U.S. Nonprofits (dba USNPS.org) Network, USNPS or emails affiliated), you agree to the following Terms & Conditions and Marketing, Operations, Licensing and Fundraising policy.

The purpose of these terms is for you (the authorized agent for your nonprofit) to review the Marketing, Fundraising, Operations and Ad Grants Policies set in place by Google, Inc and USNPS.

You may review the Ad Grants Policy Guidelines, here: ads.google.com and tos.usnps.org

Marketing, Operations, Licensing and Fundraising Policy:

All costs and donations must go through USNPS platform (yoursite.usnps.org as an example) for IRS-compliance and tracking purposes and approval. Minimum cost for account setup is $5,000.00 USD to be recovered through fundraising by the authorized agent of the nonprofit. USNPS holds no liabilities or responsibilities, and there are no guarantees. Refunds may be issued only within 24 hours of charge with proper documentation.

USNPS assumes you have obtained all rights for usage of materials. All materials affiliated online, used on website or marketing materials or submitted to U.S. Nonprofits are granted usage to USNPS in perpetuity unless otherwise written and sent via certified mail or to legal@usnps.org.

Authorized Agent of Nonprofit recognizes costs, including $5,000.00 USD account setup, may be reimbursed through fundraising efforts or co-fundraising efforts coordinated by U.S. Nonprofits (USNPS.org).

Nonprofits intending to exit from the USNPS Umbrella or Fiscal Sponsorship may be subject to a liquidation or debt-settlement process to ensure all assets are settled.

*Non-compliance must be reported to authorities in accordance with USNPS' fiduciary responsibilities.*

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