tell the New Orleans City Council to oppose the latest ordinance on Alcohol Beverage Outlets and Adult Live Performance Venues. You can write in anonymously or give as much information as you'd like. This ordinance was drafted by council members from District C and E (French Quarter and New Orleans East) in December 2018 and goes to a public hearing in the Governmental Affairs Committee 1/31/19. Your comments will be public record and will affect how the council votes!

-- ABO = a bar, live venue, nightclub, liquor store/wine shop, brewery/distillery, etc.
-- ALPV = a strip club, cabaret, etc.

-- non-conforming use = a business in a location not usually zoned for that purpose
-- nightlife worker = a person working in service/hospitality, entertainment/performance, or an independent contractor/freelancer who works nights. This ordinance especially concerns the rights of strippers and sex workers.

-- link to ordinance (
-- link to info sheet (
NIGHTLIFE WORKERS and people living and working in District C and E oppose this ordinance because:

1. The ordinance allows as few as 5 wealthy resident landowners to petition to to close bars/clubs. But, to keep a "non-conforming use" ABO open, 60% - 75% of neighbors and tenants living & working within 600 feet would need to petition.

2. The ordinance allows the ATC to enter, surveil, cite and shut down an ABO, and then allows the city to automatically issue the same suspension, without doing their own investigation.

3. The ordinance pushes moral legislation to discriminate against and criminalize nightlife workers, violating our first, fourth, fifth and fourteenth amendment rights.

4. The ordinance turns ABO management and staff into civilian police by threatening to close the ABO if they do not enforce "lewd conduct" rules, that cannot be enforced without police or "mystery shoppers" entrapping or harassing workers during undercover stings or raids.

5. The ordinance forces ABOs to install even more surveillance cameras, that tie into a city surveillance system that, so far, has no transparency as to who is watching the footage and what they may do with it.

6. The ordinance makes existing ABOs extremely difficult to defend from closure, and make new ABOs more difficult to open - especially a worker-owned club.

PLEASE WRITE YOUR THOUGHTS ON ORDINANCE #32523 HERE. your statement, in your own words, is so important to the public comment process and can help change minds and votes. we want to hear you say it!
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