Junior Summer Academy 2021 Registration Form
What better time to learn tennis than during the summer! Empire Tennis caters to all levels of player from, beginner to advanced. From ages 5 to 14 years old, our program is fun and flexible! Check out our convenient summer schedule and prices below. All High School Players should register for our UTR Specialty Clinics.

Filled with lots of tennis and fun, Empire has access to the pool, playgrounds and soccer fields in addition to the indoor & outdoor courts throughout the entire summer. Groups are separated by age, using the progression balls specific to their ages (Red, Orange and Green) and available for all levels, children from ages 5-14. We offer the perfect balance of tennis and summer fun - more tennis for those that are serious, and more fun for the younger kids to grow their enthusiasm and love of the game.

Kids can join us either for half-day or full-day throughout the week. Empire's 2021 Summer Academy begins on Monday, June 28th and runs for 10 total weeks.

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Summer camp is held Monday through Friday.
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Be aware that when you register for a class, you are registering for the same time each week. Number of classes per session vary depending on the Harley school special events and holidays, whether federal or religious.
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I understand and acknowledge the risk of injury is inherent in any program involving physical activity. I hereby waive and release any rights and claims for damages I may have against The Harley School, Empire Tennis LLC, Director of Tennis, or any of the professionals, for any and all injuries sustained by the player. I also hereby give my consent to medical emergency or otherwise, inclusive if necessary transportation in order to receive such treatment in the event of injury or any other illness. Empire Tennis LLC reserves the right to video tape or take pictures for educational or promotional use.
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