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Hello Business Owner! I am so excited you decided to work with me.  Please fill out this questionnaire to the best of your ability.  I will review it within 48 business hours and then email you a contract outlining the service, costs, and process.

You will not be considered a booked client until a contract is signed.

*Please note I only work on Shopify Hosted websites.  If you are hosted on another platform, I can easily move you over to shopify just please specify below so I can factor this in.
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Describe your dream business in a few sentences. *
Think about what your key values are, your level of experience in the industry, and your vision of the future, as well as your expected business size, location, and background.
What are your goals for this project?
We are looking for your definition of success. Do you want to see a consistent increase in the amount of visitors on your website, up your average order size, or boost the users on your web forum? Perhaps you want to encourage greater engagement via your blog, increase your brand visibility, or encourage people to sign up for their email newsletter/free trial/white paper, etc.
Who is your target audience or who would you like have as your target audience?
Design is subjective and beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder. We are not designing this website purely for you. It has to resonate strongly with the users and target audience, otherwise, they simply won’t use it – online audiences are incredibly fickle today, owing to the hugely competitive market.
What specific features do you want on your website?
Possibilities include a blog, website chat, photo galleries, a mobile or responsive site, video integration, or a contact form. Please clarify to avoid late additions that could cost time and money to marry into the site.
Do you have any branding materials you want us to utilize in this project? *
This could be a logo, color scheme, social media pages, a current website or page... anything you want to make sure is part of your branding.
How can we avoid failure?
Show us your least favorite websites and point out the design elements, features, and styles that make you shudder. This way, we can strike out potential failures before we get into the nitty-gritty of the project.
What makes you different from your competitors?
This doesn’t have to be anything major; it can be as simple as a free consultation or awesome customer service. Other things that make businesses stand out include speedy or free delivery on products, stocking the cheapest or best quality products in their area, having an amazing guarantee or returns procedure, or offering unique packages. By learning how you want to differ from your competitors, we can deliver a site that does the same.
What are your expectations?
What is your overall budget and projected starting date of the project?
What are your expectations on having good customer service?
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