West Millbrook Middle School PTA Membership
The PTA is what connects our teachers and parents and makes our school and community strong. Joining the PTA is an easy way to show support for not only your own child-but every student in our school community. PTA at its very core is about maintaining and expanding public education impact on our kids.

PTSA advocates for key initiatives including:
• Parental involvement
• School and teacher funding
• Accountability programs around funding, learning and closing the achievement gap
• Access to technology that supports real life skills and learning
• Health and wellness both physically, socially and mentally

Most importantly, your membership allows you the privilege to vote at all General PTA meetings on important issues affecting your student and school. Want local calendar control back? Join PTA. Want continued focus on the reconstruction or renovation needs of our school? Join PTA. Want continued advocacy for meaning middle school curriculum? Join PTA. Membership in our PTA is not about fundraising - it's using our collective voices to facilitate positive change. We fundraise to support the financial needs of our teachers and school programs - but we lobby on behalf of our membership to make education better for every kid!

Please join us in making a difference in your child’s education. The best way to support and stay connected to your students' academic world is to stay as involved as possible.

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All checks payable to WMMS PTA ($25.00 NSF check fee applies)
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Donations are 100% tax deductible
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Grocery Store Loyalty Cards - Link UP Data
We participate with loyalty programs at your favorite grocery stores including Harris Teeter, Kroger, and Lowes Foods. These programs provide a portion of your purchases directly to WMMS. Remember you can link up your card to more than one school. Just write each card number below and we will input them for you! Make sure to include all digits listed on the card.
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